DVD Creator Pro - DVD burner/maker App Reviews

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It doesn’t burn! Disc Error! Don’t buy it!!!

I bought the newest version of this app, but it doesn’t even burn a disc properly. When I put it in the DVD player, it reads disc error. I really want my money back. I have a lot of pre-school kids waiting on their discs, and the last thing I needed was buying a software that doesn’t even work. Don’t buy this app. It takes one hour of burn time, and it doesn’t even burn the disc.

It’s OK but a little shady

The “free version” they advertise only works for 3 burns which is barely enough to get a single movie right if you have to tweak. On top of that it counted something that wasn’t a burn as a burn so I couldn’t actually finish my project without being required to purchase this version. Not happy about that. Then, this version is set to PAL by default which means it will look like it works in your compter but the minute you try it in an American dvd player it will fail. I don’t know why something being sold to American’s would be set to PAL by default, but your going to want to change that first thing if you buy this because it added about 2 hours to my day figuring it out. So yes, this seems to work pretty well but it is being offered in ways that trip people up so I am reducing my rating.

Run, don’t walk, from this app. HORRIBLE

This app crashed so many times when trying to load movie files to the burn list that I lost count. Also, it doesn’t appear to have a function that allows you to create DVDs that loop and play continuously. I have received no help from the developer’s technical support.

Too many errors

This software could be a lot better, I used the free one and needed more copies of the demo version I burned. As soon as I purchased this version (the suppose to be pro version) there were so many errors. Menu cannot generate, and so many more problems. Until they update this, I would not suggest getting it!

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